Framework7 CLI Installation

First of all make sure you have latest stable Node.js and NPM installed on your machine.

If you are going to target Native/Hybrid apps then you also need to install Cordova first (may require sudo):

$ npm install -g cordova

Now we can install Framework7 CLI (may require sudo):

$ npm install -g framework7-cli

If you have issues with installation related to access errors, you may try to run the command with additional flags:

$ npm install -g framework7-cli --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root

If you don't want to install it globally, it can also be used with npx.

Problem: icons are missing on macOS


Add --flat for cpy within postinstall command section in file package.json

"postinstall": "cpy --flat ./node_modules/framework7-icons/fonts/*.* ./src/fonts/ && cpy --flat ./node_modules/material-icons/iconfont/*.* ./src/fonts/"

then run:

npm run postinstall

And you are good to go.